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OT EWB started in 2007 with a wonderful group of students who all had a passion for creating a positive impact on their community. Those students have all graduated and moved on to great things, but they all carry a piece of EWB with them. In their time, they were able to encourage the sale of fair-trade coffee, implement an e-waste recycling program, and work on a proper paper recycling program. They also raised awareness on various societal issues, were open to political discussion, and collectively reached a deeper understanding on how to overcome challenges.

Presently, we are carrying on their legacy  by working on initiatives related to youth outreach, member learning programs, and the e-waste program. These are only a few of the many ideas we are working towards as a group.

Meet Our Team!


Kirti Godbole

Program: Electrical Engineering, 2nd Year

Meet Kirti, our zealous leader! When she is not busy planning, coordinating, and promoting our core values she enjoys reading, painting, dancing, cooking, and meditation. How relaxing!

Dorina Voynov

Program: Mechanical Engineering, 4th Year

Meet Dorina, our eager co-president! After a day of organizing, and coordinating our initiatives she likes to draw, game, and take her motorcycle out for a spin!

VP Finance & Administration:

Lucas Chan

Program: Electrical Engineering, 2nd Year

Meet Lucas, our self-sufficient ‘piggy bank’! When he is not busy tracking our finances he likes to ski, rock climb, and  olympic weightlifting! Talk about having an active lifestyle!

VP Internal & Fundraising:

Ramin Sami

Program: Software Engineering, 4th Year

Meet Ramin, our team’s liaison! After a long day of connecting us with our campus’ clubs and societies, she likes to take a break by baking, playing video games, and reading!

VP External & Sponsorships:

Alex Wilker

Program: Mechanical Engineering, 3rd Year

Meet Alex, our Member Learning expert! She outlines and prepares the educational ML sessions that we all love. In her spare time she works on jigsaw puzzles, embroidery, and watches shows on Netflix!

VP Marketing & Design:

Victoria Uchida

Program: Mechanical Engineering, 4th Year

Meet Victoria, our ‘social media butterfly’! She creates our awesome posters to promote our events in the campus community. When she’s done organizing media campaigns for the day, she enjoys running, listening to music, and studying Japanese!

Advocacy Lead:

Farhan Habib

Program: Electrical Engineering, 4th Year

Meet Farhan, our passionate advocacy lead! When he takes a break from running and promoting our advocacy campaigns he enjoys canoeing and listening to music! He is a great advocate for our chapter

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